Book Project

Business, Taxation, and Redistribution in Latin America (in progress)


Business groups, tax efficiency, and regressivity in Colombia. In: Atria, J., Groll, C., Valdes, M.F. (Eds.), Rethinking Taxation in Latin America: Reform and Challenges in Times of Uncertainty. Palgrave Macmillan (forthcoming).

Business interest groups and policymaking in Latin America in Riggirozzi, Pia and Wylde, Christopher, eds. Routledge Handbook of South American Governance. (forthcoming)

New dependency?: Economic links between China and Latin America, Issues & Studies (forthcoming)

Business Interest Groups and Taxation, Political Studies, March 2017, 65 (1): 122-143. DOI

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Working Papers and Papers Under Review

  • Tax structure, business, and labor markets (with D. Doyle)
  • Political finance regulation and electoral competition
  • Economic adversity and voting turnout (with M. Carreras)
  • Reciprocity, redistribution, and tax morale (with D. Doyle and C. Schwartz)
  • Welfare state and tax preferences (with D. Doyle and C. Schwartz)
  • Behavioral dynamics of tax evasion and tax compliance in Latin America
  • Preferencias redistributivas y tributación en Colombia
  • Electoral determinants of tax equity and efficiency